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Reference: Muli3D: Class List

Muli3D Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
CMuli3DThe Muli3D parent-class - "the root of all evil ;)"
CMuli3DCubeTextureCMuli3DCubeTexture implements support for cubemaps
CMuli3DDeviceThe Muli3D device
CMuli3DIndexBufferIndex buffers contain a list of vertex indices either in 16-bit or 32-bit format
CMuli3DRenderTargetThis class defines a Muli3D rendertarget
CMuli3DSurfaceCMuli3DSurface implements a 2-dimensional image
CMuli3DTextureCMuli3DTexture implements a standard 2-dimensional texture
CMuli3DVertexBufferVertex buffers are memory buffers that contain vertex-data, which is described by a vertex format
CMuli3DVertexFormatA vertex format describes the data-layout of vertex streams
CMuli3DVolumeCMuli3DVolume implements a 3-dimensional image
CMuli3DVolumeTextureCMuli3DTexture implements a 3-dimensional texture
IBaseIBase is the base class for all Muli3D classes. It implements a reference-counter with functions AddRef() and Release() known from COM interfaces
IMuli3DBaseShaderThis is the shader base-class, which implements support for float, vector4 and matrix constants-registers
IMuli3DBaseTextureThis is the texture base-class, which defines functions that are common to all different sorts of textures
IMuli3DPixelShaderDefines the pixel shader interface
IMuli3DPresentTargetPresent-targets provide the base for platform-independet rendering output to the screen
IMuli3DPrimitiveAssemblerDefines the triangle assembler interface
IMuli3DTriangleShaderDefines the triangle shader interface
IMuli3DVertexShaderDefines the vertex shader interface
m3dboxDefines a box. Added for volume texture support
m3ddeviceparametersThis structure defines the device parameters
m3drectDefines a rectangle
m3dvertexelementDescribes a vertex element

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